Zimbra maintenance: 11/20/08 9pm-11pm

We will be installing updates (bug fixes) on the Zimbra email server tonight (11/20) starting at 9pm and ending at 11pm.  In past experience, this work has taken about 45 minutes, but be forewarned that it could take up to two hours.  Mail received during this period will be delivered to mailboxes when the server is back up.

Again, the email server will be back by about 11 pm.  Hopefully, running the upgrade in the late evening will avoid any inconvenience.

There were a lot of bugs fixed that only really matter to techies like us which we won’t bother posting.  This is a selected group of the bugs fixed which affected Zimbra users in our schools:

  • Sharing a folder and assigning the admin permissions on the folder now works correctly.  This should help with shared calendars delegated by the admin@district6.org user to building techs or people at schools managing calendars.  e.g. the D6 or CHS master calendar. (Fixed in 5.0.11)
  • The really annoying bug where clicking on a Spam Mail Summary could cause Internet Explorer to freeze.  (Firefox is still the best browser for Zimbra, but this should make IE at least usable. (Fixed in 5.0.11)
  • When you right-click the email content pane column header to modify the email view, disabling the Received column no longer disables the Inbox view. (Fixed in 5.0.11)

And a couple that were actually fixed in 5.0.10 but I think bear repeating:

  • Fixed issues with appointment reminder in Calendar that caused alert information about meetings to display at the wrong time. Reminders display correctly now.
  • Fixed issues in Zimbra Web Client – Clicking the From column in ZCS now sorts messages in the content pane correctly.

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