Webmasters’ Meeting Agenda for April 10 2009

  • How the sites are put together and fit into the District 6 site
    • How the calendar makes it to the front page, and how to add an appointment to another calendar in Zimbra
    • The role of the front page
    • Common things to have on each school site
      • “About Us” pages
      • Communication (Contact forms)
      • The teachers page and what we can do to make it nicer.
  • The ongoing role of TSS in site maintenance (Individual website tech contacts)
  • If you have questions about your website, here’s who to contact.  We will contact you from time to time with suggestions about improvements to make to your website.
    • Sam: CANS, CAHPS, CRA (Crater)
    • Allan: Scenic, Hanby, Sams
    • Chuck: Richardson, Jewett, CPE, Patrick
    • Richard: District, Food Service, Transportation
  • Pitfalls & Stuff to Avoid
    • Huge photos are bad, cut them down to size.  All digital cameras (are supposed to) produce huge photos, but these need to be reformatted for the web.
    • How to re-format content properly, and why the fact that the web is not a piece of paper (while much of our pre-existing content is designed for paper) can make this tricky.
    • Setting up an editorial process at your school
      • Have someone else check the site’s formatting, grammar, and spelling every once in a while; These are school websites we’re working on, so “TXTish” headlines like “TIMES RUNNING OUT!!!!!” are not acceptable.
      • Have someone else check the whole site for broken or out of place stuff.
      • Empty or useless pages are also a good thing to remove.  It’s better to get rid of incorrect or outdated information than leave it around.  When in doubt, pull it or hide it.
      • Consolidate.  Less is more.  Fewer pages with more information is better than many pages with less information.
  • Scheduled next month’s meeting for May 18th at 9:00am to 11:00am.

In attendance: Michael McCaw (PES), Margaret Corbett, Jamie Thomas (JES), Linda Elder (HMS), Cathy Whalen (Nutrition), Tammera Mullings (SVE), Sara DeVries (CPE)

Not in attendance: Scenic & Richardson

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