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I get calls time from time with questions about the phones and the phone system and the voicemail system.  This post is to help you with some easy to do phone stuff.  Please note that most of this stuff works with both Digital and Analog phones.

This is a digital Phone:
This is an Analog Phone:

Tip 1 – Every telephone in the district has a voicemail box.  If you have a digital phone, just push the voicemail button to access the voicemail.  If you have an analog phone, dial 5555 and you should get a voicemail prompt.

Tip 2 – It’s easy to tell if you have a voicemail message if you have a digital phone.  You just look at the flashing light.  🙂  If you have an analog telephone, you have no light.  So how do you know you have a voicemail message?  Lift the handset and listen for a stutter tone.  It will sound different than a regular dial tone.  It’s a dial tone that pulses a few times.  Then just dial 5555 to access the message or messages.

Tip 3 – Both types of phones can be forwarded to another extension.  This is quite a useful feature.  To do this, pick up the handset, and dial #8 and the extension number you want to forward to.  For example, if I wanted to send all my calls to Richard, I would dial #8 6901 and hang up.  If you did it correctly, your phone should have beeped for you.  When you want to undo the forward, simply press #8 #10.  That will cancel the forwarding.

Tip 4 – There are times you might need to pickup someone else’s ringing telephone from your phone.  To do this, dial #77 and the extension number.  For example, if Richard’s phone is ringing, I would dial #77 6901 from my phone, and it would answer his call.

Tip 5 – Sometimes you have a flashing voicemail light that’s flashing, but you don’t have any messages.  The way to fix this is by dialing #5 #10 and that will cancel the flashing light.  🙂  That can sure be annoying sometimes.

Hopefully these tips will come in handy for many of you.  If there are any more tips you would like to see added to this list, please comment and let me know.

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