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Windows XP / Office 2003 End of Life

XP-RIPOn April 18th 2014, support for Windows XP and Office 2003 will end from Microsoft.  What does this mean for us?  As of the start of the 14-15 school year, Windows XP will no longer be allowed on our network along with Offiice 2003.  This is primarily because security holes will no longer be patched, which could leave our workstations and network vulnerable to attack.

For more information, your can check out this site:

Our new Operating System standard will be Windows 7 and above.  The new office standard will be Office 2007 and above.  We realize many of our District computers may not be able to handle Windows 7, so please contact us to find out what your options are.


Planned Maintenance: Internet Downtime

internet_down_0NERO will be upgrading the router hardware in the Medford Hub during the next regularly scheduled maintenance window on Friday, July 12, 2013 between 0400-0600.

This upgrade is expected to impact operational traffic to all Medford connected customers for 5-10 minutes early in the maintenance window. This upgrade will provide additional capacity for bandwidth and service upgrades in the future.

Please call the SOESD Help Desk at 541-858-6730/866-858-6730 if you have any specific questions or concerns regarding this maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you.


Notice of upcoming changes to Google Apps sign-on

google_apps_logoOn Friday, October 7th, we will be transitioning our Google Apps (Gmail, Docs, Sites) to Google’s integrated authentication system.  In order to do this, we must bring our passwords in line with Google’s requirement that all passwords must be at least 8 characters in length.  This means that “fluffy” or “12345” are not going to be valid password options from now on (sorry).

Furthermore, even if your password already meets the length requirement, you will need to complete the password change procedure to register the change with Google and ensure the accessibility of your account.

To avoid interruption to your accounts (including Gmail, Docs, Sites, and Powerschool), please change your password by Friday, October 7th. See this TSS knowledgebase article for instructions on changing your password.


Downtime for system upgrades during break

Powerschool – Monday Morning, Dec 22nd

Starting about 9am on Monday morning, Powerschool will be unavailable for upgrades.  It will be back the same day.  Powerschool upgrades normally take one or two hours. If all goes well we’ll be up and running noonish.

Shared Files, Home Folders (U Drives) – Tuesday Afternoon, Dec 23rd

Access to U Drives and Shared Files will be temporarily unavailable starting Tuesday afternoon while we do an operating system upgrade on our central storage.

There will also be some upgrades happening on Monday with our VMware servers, which host many other functions used during the course of a school day.  However, owing to the way the system is set up, there would be no impact even if these upgrades were performed in the middle of a school day.  Forget I even mentioned it.


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