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Windows XP / Office 2003 End of Life

XP-RIPOn April 18th 2014, support for Windows XP and Office 2003 will end from Microsoft.  What does this mean for us?  As of the start of the 14-15 school year, Windows XP will no longer be allowed on our network along with Offiice 2003.  This is primarily because security holes will no longer be patched, which could leave our workstations and network vulnerable to attack.

For more information, your can check out this site:

Our new Operating System standard will be Windows 7 and above.  The new office standard will be Office 2007 and above.  We realize many of our District computers may not be able to handle Windows 7, so please contact us to find out what your options are.


Planned Maintenance: Internet Downtime

internet_down_0NERO will be upgrading the router hardware in the Medford Hub during the next regularly scheduled maintenance window on Friday, July 12, 2013 between 0400-0600.

This upgrade is expected to impact operational traffic to all Medford connected customers for 5-10 minutes early in the maintenance window. This upgrade will provide additional capacity for bandwidth and service upgrades in the future.

Please call the SOESD Help Desk at 541-858-6730/866-858-6730 if you have any specific questions or concerns regarding this maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you.


Webmasters’ Meeting Agenda for April 10 2009

  • How the sites are put together and fit into the District 6 site
    • How the calendar makes it to the front page, and how to add an appointment to another calendar in Zimbra
    • The role of the front page
    • Common things to have on each school site
      • “About Us” pages
      • Communication (Contact forms)
      • The teachers page and what we can do to make it nicer.
  • The ongoing role of TSS in site maintenance (Individual website tech contacts)
  • If you have questions about your website, here’s who to contact.  We will contact you from time to time with suggestions about improvements to make to your website.
    • Sam: CANS, CAHPS, CRA (Crater)
    • Allan: Scenic, Hanby, Sams
    • Chuck: Richardson, Jewett, CPE, Patrick
    • Richard: District, Food Service, Transportation
  • Pitfalls & Stuff to Avoid
    • Huge photos are bad, cut them down to size.  All digital cameras (are supposed to) produce huge photos, but these need to be reformatted for the web.
    • How to re-format content properly, and why the fact that the web is not a piece of paper (while much of our pre-existing content is designed for paper) can make this tricky.
    • Setting up an editorial process at your school
      • Have someone else check the site’s formatting, grammar, and spelling every once in a while; These are school websites we’re working on, so “TXTish” headlines like “TIMES RUNNING OUT!!!!!” are not acceptable.
      • Have someone else check the whole site for broken or out of place stuff.
      • Empty or useless pages are also a good thing to remove.  It’s better to get rid of incorrect or outdated information than leave it around.  When in doubt, pull it or hide it.
      • Consolidate.  Less is more.  Fewer pages with more information is better than many pages with less information.
  • Scheduled next month’s meeting for May 18th at 9:00am to 11:00am.

In attendance: Michael McCaw (PES), Margaret Corbett, Jamie Thomas (JES), Linda Elder (HMS), Cathy Whalen (Nutrition), Tammera Mullings (SVE), Sara DeVries (CPE)

Not in attendance: Scenic & Richardson


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